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Project Description

My Project Revoke OS is an idea that many would call foolish. "A Program that will be better than an actually os? Your Crazy!". Those people have made a great impact on revoke. They are the ones that have "Powered" this project.

Our Goal

The Goal we had in mind was too sound foolish at first then we started advancing in our research and development and we have found that everything that we were looking for have come into reach; however, a very long reach. We still have a lot of work to do to make this the equivalent to a regular os. Please Consider Donating To the project we will be able to have more researchers and more development faster. Again thank you for reading about RevokeOS.

Welcome to the Revoke OS version 1.0b alpha 1

  1. Intial Project Launched
  2. Splash Screen Debugged and Pushed To Project

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